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ACMV/Berlin Exhibition Photography Solo Exhibition

Lea Golda Holterman | Identity

Opening: 28th of September, 8 pm.
Exhibition: 28.9. – 9.11. 2013
pavlov’s dog / raum für fotografie / Bergstrasse 19 / 10115 Berlin

In mathematical logic the term identity is one of the fundamental truths that is not questionable: A=A. Every object is identical with itself. But once you leave the field of mathematics, the term identity starts to become ambivalent. Every person is searching for his or her identity and life seems to be one relentless attempt to become that certain someone that one is truly meant to be. (mehr …)

Exhibition Feature Photography Solo Exhibition

Pietro Motisi | Cemento

Cemento is a photographic project realized with the intention to build a map; it is a work about Sicily made as a path of sensations and perceptions with an eye on the relation between the space and the identity of its inhabitants.

The assumption of this project is to create, quoting the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri, a ‘zig-zag’ path in which nothing has to be precluded and in which the photographer has to follow his perceptions. That has to be made in order to find/create a track to follow inside a given space, no matter if it is physical or conceptual, and from that track let emerge some of the peculiar characteristics of the secular relationship that links humans to this territory. (mehr …)