Stefan Fähler is a Berlin based illustrator and musician, he creates great twisted characters and collages. Stefan followed an invitation to participate in the „Quentin vs Coen“ exhibition in New York at Bold Hype Gallery in April 2011 and designed the artwork for the brandnew Hanin Elias release and also co-directed her new video together with Dacio Pinheiro and Tom Ehrhardt.

Among ACMV’s favorite works are the screenprinted posters and CD artworks in the tradition of Savage Pencil, who did record covers for Sonic Youth, Big Black and The Fall in the 1990’s. Stefan created artworks for musicians like Damo Suzuki, Ariel Pink, Shonen Knife, Eyes behind, Astro, Baths, Aids Wolf and his own great experimental rock band Château Laut.

At Neonchocolate Gallery in Berlin he showed his art in the solo exhibiton „The day will come tonight“ and curated the group show Heroismen.

For more of Stefan’s artwork please visit his Tumblr

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