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Music Photography

The one who dribbles too much

Boubacar Traoré live at La Cigale, Paris/France. March 4, 2011
Photographs © Julia Schiller

Boubacar Traoré is a musician from Mali, born in 1942, also known by his nickname „Kar Kar“ meaning „The one who dribbles too much“ – according to his style of playing football. Self-taught (with a little help from his brother, who was studying music in Cuba during the 50’s) Boubacar developed a unique style that blends American Blues music, Arab music, and pentatonic structures found in West Africa’s Mande cultural region (Kassonké). (mehr …)

ACMV/Berlin Music Photography


Formelwesen at Volksbühne Berlin, Nov 19th, 2010
Photographs © Julia Schiller

The bass drum is inching forward. It is hesitating – stumbles nervously on the spot – immediately it is overrun by sounds unleashed that fill the ear to the brim. The creature sprints on the screen – and suddenly we’re on a melancholically grey trip through a tunnel. Into the silence, the drums are spreading a scenery; gentle and detailed; a proposal for bass clarinet and guitar to fill the scope with their own accentuation. Captivated by the pictures, the music whirrs in the eyes and becomes a true emotion. (mehr …)