2010 – ongoing

„Under the leaves, something is happening, something is growing that will not abate until they return there for good“

Under the Leaves is a work striving to change our perception of vegetation. It is imbued with reverence for the silence and constancy of trees and flora. It intends to give a presence to vegetation, to emphasize that it is living of another kind of life than ours, that we cannot fathom, unconscious, obscure.

At the same time, these photographs suggest that something is brewing there, a kind of discontent, that we are not aware of, that we cannot perceive, but that we could try to hear.


Born in 1980 in the French Alps, Fabien Seguin is a fine art photographer currently based in China. His work has been exhibited internationally, with venues including the Hubei Museum of Art, Pingyao International Photography Festival (China), the Center for Fine Art Photography (CO, USA) or the Environmental Image International Festival during the Rencontres d’Arles Photo Festival (France).
Fabien’s work has been featured in multiple magazines and online publications as Urbanautica, Flakphoto, Redefine Magazine, Da Wuhan Magazine, Polar Inertia, Simple-Style, Multimedia Muse, World Identity Lab, among others. His archive and stock imagery is now represented in New York and London by Gallery Stock.

Fabien holds an MA in Classics and Ancient Philosophy from the Paris IV-Sorbonne University as well as an MA in Linguistics from Grenoble 3 University.

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