„In the project entitled, „Here nor There“ I am continuing to examine my interest with the intricacies and oddities of my immediate environment. As a child, I always remember being very keen to my surroundings and paying close attention to the quiet nuances often overlooked by others. Growing up I would avoid confrontation; oftentimes imagining I could disappear with a hope of avoiding my social awkwardness. As I matured, I realized that I thrived on being an outsider that lacked in social normalcy. I am an observer and my fear is confrontation. I do not consider this a negative attribute, although my friends and family alike would argue differently.

Hidden, silent, and often overlooked, I seek to create a delicate juxtaposition between the awkward interactions and subtle nuances in my life, confronting moments that I once let myself get lost in.“

Collin Avery
(b.1987) is a visual artist from the rural New England town of Adams, MA.
Collin’s work has been shown in juried group shows in New York City, Seattle, Denver, and Middlebury, VT. He received an honorable mention in the Soho Photo National Competition and was a finalist in the 2011 Luceo Student Project Award.
His work has been featured online in photography blogs such as Flak PhotoLenscratch and Problemata Physica.

To learn more about Collin’s work please visit his portfolio

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