For the last 18 months together with people on or far beyond the outskirts of my local Market Towns community I have been recording through collaborative environmental portraiture, audio and video interviews coupled with straight documentary shoots their life stories and memories, musings, hopes and struggles.

I do this with a passion and belief that the photographs we can make have a weight and longevity beyond our time here, have an ability to communicate a story long after the characters have departed, they are time capsules awaiting discovery.

These are moments of daily endurance that in a generation will have passed forever.

The Market Town series, I’ve come to learn, is not a project but a product.  A product born from where and when I and the people I photograph are from.  I know for as long as we’re here, I’ll continue to make this series, until the bonds of this small town’s inertia are breached.  For any or all of us.

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