At Le Bal’s invitation, the 5th International Photobook Festival will be held in Paris in the documenta year 2012, where the photographic book will be the focus from 20 – 22 April 2012. Apart from a distinguished program of lectures and a curated market place, the festival will also present the 2012 Dummy and Photobook Awards. A renowned jury will select the winners of the Dummy Award locally. The award presentation will take place on Saturday, 21 April.

International Photobook Dummy Award 2012

Photographers are invited to present their so far unpublished photobooks to an international expert jury. The best 50 books will be exhibited as part of the festival in Paris. From these 50 titles, the winners will be awarded at the location. The first prize is a complete book production by publishers Seltmann+Soehne. The entry period starts short before christmas 2011. The registrations costs are 32 Euros. Entries close on 31 March 2012. Entries for the Photobook Dummy close on 5 April 2012 (post marked).

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