Maksim Shumilov is a communication technician and hobby photographer from Feodosiya in Ukraine situating at the Black Sea coast. His passion for photography started in 2006 when a friend gave a camera to him with the words: „Now you’re a photographer and I’m afraid this means forever.“

Maksim’s climbing over the roofs of his home town to find broken telephone cables to earn a living for himself, his wife and his newborn son. When recently his digital camera got broke he had to switch to a „Kiev-15“, a russian analogue SLR camera. He’s still figuring out by himself how to develop the Kodak 200 films which is the only type of films available in his remote hometown. His honest and private pictures are showing his daily life and telling his view of the world in a charming way.

We – ACMV – decided to feature passionate photographers from remote places from all over the world on ACMV, maybe with a similar state of mind as the fototazo grant initiated by Tom Griggs, a micro funding project for emerging photographers from Colombia and all over the world. We don’t expect a sophisticated level of technical and artistic mastership and love the honesty of imperfect pictures that gives us insight into the lives of people from all over the world.

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