Patrick Joust is a 34 year old photographer living in Baltimore, Maryland. Born in the small town of Oroville, California, Patrick has gone back and forth between both coasts of the United States, before settling permanently in Baltimore in 2006 where he works as a reference librarian. The people and places of Baltimore have played a central part in his work, influencing how and where he points his camera both within and outside the city limits. Photography appeals to Patrick for the connections it can create. He finds “analog” photography especially interesting because of its tangible nature and aesthetic, particularly the detail and clarity that can be achieved with medium format film. A random building, car or an unusual road, places that could easily be driven past and forgotten, can gain permanence and meaning when captured and given more than a glance. It is often the most mundane subjects that attract Patrick’s lens because of the human qualities that manifest themselves in what we throw away or allow to stick around. It’s the connections he makes with people, a subject that is anything but mundane, that are the most important. Social barriers that might otherwise be in place can sometimes be overcome by a normally reserved guy with a clunky old camera. Patrick’s photography attempts to reflect that beauty and importance can be found in places that we normally ignore or pigeonhole.

This collection of 35mm and 120 black and white images was taken over 3 years of wandering around the city of Baltimore.

For more of Patrick’s work please visit his portfolio

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