Green installation (ivy leaves covering on plastic net and metal wire; moss bed, pine trees, strawberry plant), video, soundscape, by Vênus et Milö (2012).

Vênus et Milö – founded in 2011 by Dania Rotatori and Matilde Soligno – is a project of multimedia installative art, addressing the theme of human relations to their surrounding environment – how they model it, and how they are (philosophically and materially) influenced by it.

Vênus et Milö’s installation „Riparo“ (Shelter) is composed of several different elements that altogether hint to the idea of a refuge – a physical and mental space that meets the animal instinct of taking shelter, modeling nature to make it a more comfortable place.
It is a natural covering, simple and welcoming, that constitutes, together with its inhabitants, an ecosystem. The microworld it gathers together is a fragile home, the result of an attempt, almost an act of magic, to feel safe from the unknown.

The installation is part of the exhibition “A House Is Not A Home” at Spazio Gerra in Reggio Emilia (Italy) through March 18, 2012.

View the stop-motion video showing the process and the final installation of „Riparo“:

Video: Fedra Boscaro, Vênus et Milö | Sound design: Gianni Masci.

Stop-motion credits:

Editing: Gianni Masci (Vênus et Milö) | Photography + Video: Matilde Soligno (Vênus et Milö) | Music by: Yacht „We Have All We Ever Wanted“, The Field „Is This Power“

Spazio Gerra
Fotografia e immagine contemporanea
„A House Is Not A Home“
February 11 – April 1, 2012
Piazza XXV Aprile 2 – Reggio Emilia

→ Vênus et Milö

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