Tonight at 8 pm, distributor MOTTO Berlin (Skalitzer Str. 68 HH, Berlin/Kreuzberg) will be hosting the book launch of Manitoba, Tobias Zielony’s most extensive project to date.
Tobias Zielony and Andrea Hiott will be present, the talk is moderated by Astrid Mania.

comprises fifty photographs, the project is complemented by a Super 8 short film, “The Deboard” (2008), and a one-hour audio play based on the travel report of american writer Andrea Hiott, who visited the Canadian province at Zielony’s behest in 2010.

The book/catalogue is published by Spector Books, Leipzig:
Tobias Zielony: Manitoba
With a text by Andrea Hiott

  • 88 pages
  • Design: HIT
  • Leipzig 2011
  • ISBN: 978-3-940064-93-6
  • 24.00 €

Manitoba is also currently on show at KOW Berlin, Brunnenstr. 9, 10119 Berlin/Mitte (until April 15th, 2012).

More infos about the book launch and exhibition can be found at Spector Books and KOW Berlin.

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