„Callum Ross’s untitled images give nothing away whilst telling us everything we need to know.
The places that feature in the West series evoke our curious desire to know where the places are:
west… west of where? The answer is not important in that these are less about places and more about the events occurring within the landscape. What is most apparent about these images is their transience of their sense of this is really one moment in an ongoing succession moments.

Such ephemeral and temporal qualities are often not those that we associate with landscape photography. This is perhaps because most images in the landscape tradition, such as those of Adams and Western operate with some pretension to the ‘timeless’ or at least the landscape as the still and silent witness to the things that go on within it. Ross’s photographs are scenes of struggle between elements, momentary clashes of natural forces. A blanket of fog in the process of erasing an entire valley; grass struggling to stay above the snow; and evergreens asserting their dominance of the winter over the skeletal deciduous trees. Landscapes, like people, change, and in either case it takes a unique kind of perception to notice them.“ – Ashley Whammond

Callum Ross is an emerging photographic artist, with a Bachelor of Photography degree, majoring in Photographic Art Practice from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, 2011. Expanding the conventions of landscape and portraiture, his work explores the boundaries of the external world and that of an internal one. Callum’s work has been exhibited widely throughout Australia, including his recent solo exhibition at the Queensland Centre for Photography and the UNCOVER finalist show at the Perth Centre for Photography. Callum will be moving to Berlin, Germany in Summer 2012 to continue working on his latest projects.

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