My photographs are about a particular process of observation which I acquired during adolescence. As a child, I was afraid of confrontation, so as a way to escape difficult mental and physical situations I had designated hiding zones located throughout the house and yard where I could disappear.
During these times of self introspection, I became fixated on certain physical details of the space.
The subtle nuances and intimate moments of silence were mine alone. It is this way of seeing which has influenced my personal photographic practice. Observation has become my new way of escaping.
My images are not about finding the extraordinary in the everyday, but instead are about finding the everyday extraordinary.

Collin Avery (b.1987) is a visual artist from the rural New England town of Adams, MA.
Collin’s work has been shown in juried group shows in New York City, Seattle, Denver, and Middlebury, VT. He received an honorable mention in the Soho Photo National Competition and was a finalist in the 2011 Luceo Student Project Award. As one of the Top 10 Finalists for the 2012 Google Photography Prize his work will be shown at Saatchi Gallery, London from 25 April – 22 July 2012. His work has been featured online in photography blogs such as Flak PhotoLenscratch and Problemata Physica.

For more of Collin’s work please visit his portfolio

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