Snowbound streets, buildings and abandoned cars, a dirty snowman standing forlorn in a garden.
But interiors too, and portraits of people in their homes, at work, in cafés and at parties.

For his series Vinter (Winter), Lars Tunbjörk travelled through Sweden from 2004 to 2007 capturing the melancholy winter atmosphere of Northern Europe and recording the mental state that closes in on the people of Scandinavia in the dark months of the year. For Tunbjörk himself, the project was originally primarily a creative way to cope with his own depressive mood, which regularly beset him in the winter months.

In Vinter, Lars Tunbjörk completely abandoned his black-and-white beginnings to concentrate on the exploration of colour, which he approaches in the style of American photography of the 1970s. Vinter is above all a series of refined observations, which he nonetheless develops without pessimism. Tunbjörk’s subtle humour and sometimes bizarre subjects are leitmotivs in his work.

Lars Tunbjörk’s series Vinter is currently on show at Swedish Photography (Karl-Marx-Allee 62, 10243 Berlin), in conjunction with the 5th European Month of Photography Berlin.
The exhibition runs from Oct 20 – Dec 15, 2012.

His book, Vinter (192 pages, 135 colour plates, 22.5 cm x 27.8 cm), has been published in 2007 by Steidl.

Lars Tunbjörk, born 1956 in Borås, Sweden, is one of Sweden´s internationally most established photographers and photojournalists. He is now living and working in Stockholm. Lars is a frequent contributor to leading magazines around the world. He is a member of the picture agency VU in Paris.
His personal projects are exhibited worldwide.

To see more of his work, please visit
Agence VU | Lars Tunbjörk
John Kenney & Ed Varites | Lars Tunbjörk

All images © Lars Tunbjörk

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