Occupy Space Limerick (Ireland) and Stag & Deer Present:
Richard Forrest // Laura McMorrow // Caroline McNally // Jillian McAteer

Exhibition: 11th April until Saturday 11th May 2013
Occupy Space, 7/8 Rutland Street, Limerick city, Ireland
Gallery open 12 – 6 Tuesday – Friday, 10 – 6 Saturday

Occupy Space and Stag & Deer present works by Richard Forrest, Laura McMorrow, Caroline McNally and Jillian McAteer. Taking lens-based media as a starting point, Occupy Space have developed a curatorial collaboration with Stag & Deer, an exhibition-making partnership based in Cork. Both Occupy Space and Stag & Deer are non-profit organisations with a history of utilising slack spaces, multiple sites and temporary venues to house exhibitions of contemporary visual art. We share a common objective on this particular project which positions lens-based artists firmly within the remit of contemporary visual arts practice. The selected artists use a range of approaches, incorporating multi-disciplinary practices that speak to the process of making in relation to lens-based media. Photography, film, performance and installation combine, inviting the audience to explore the ideas of perception and the human experience of seeing which underpin concepts at play within the individual artworks.

On this occasion we are using two slack spaces to exhibit the works, they are located side-by-side at 7/8 Rutland Street. We would like to acknowledge the support of Limerick City Council for permitting access to the spaces which had formally been earmarked as part of ‚The Opera Centre‘ development. This exhibition and related events are made possible due to Project Award Funding from The Arts Council.

Occupy Space → www.occupyspace.com
Stag & Deer → www.staganddeer.com

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