Actual Colors May Vary has a new feature: an online radio, which you can find at the bottom of the page!
Just hit play and a playlist will start automatically. You can find the tracklist by clicking the ♪ note icon at the bottom right side of the page.

ACMV’s radio features an eclectic mix of contemporary electronic & psychedelic music from all over the world from 1966 to 1976.

The radio’s feed is a Youtube playlist that will be updated regularly by ACMV. You can find more information about the musicians there, too.

The sampling culture of Hip-Hop and their successors Post-Dubstep and Downbeat brought forgotten music from the psychedelic era to daylight. The experiments musicians and producers started at that time still have a huge influence on contemporary music. This era meant not only the beginning of electronic music and Punk-Rock but all forms of later Rock and Dance Music of all forms. As the first true post-modern music psychedelic music mixed different styles of music from different cultures. The open-mindedness of the late Sixties led to many different sub-genres. People in politically oppressed countries had a short window of artistic freedom mixing their traditional music with western elements and at the same time people in the west became interested in eastern culture. Even if the interest in foreign cultures was sometimes superficial, it was the start to think globally and to accept various cultures and traditions and led to many interesting collaborations and great music.

A lot of this music has been reissued in the last couple of years after contemporary electronic music producers became interested in psychedelic music from countries like Turkey, India, Iran or Thailand. The Gaslamp Killer for example was using samples of turkish psychedelic music when he produced the highly successful and influential album „A Sufi and a Killer“ for Gonja Sufi in 2010. The public interest had a peek in 2012 when the movie Searching for Sugar Man about the american musician Sixto Rodriguez won an academy award.

For more psychedelic influenced music from all over the world, visit Oliver’s Tumblr, Kopfleuchten!

To find more contemporary electronic music, follow Oliver on SoundCloud and listen to his favorites.

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