The lovely people at Fotofilmic from Vancouver did an interview with ACMV in their series FILM TALKS:

FILM TALKS #08: Oliver Schneider & Julia Schiller (Actual Colors May Vary)

Thanks so much for this opportunity, Bastien & Virginie!

FotoFilmic’s new FILM TALKS series is all about sharing experienced views, artistic endeavors, industry outlooks and how to reshape the contemporary practices at the center of the film photography medium today. FILM TALKS invite advanced artists, independent publishers, photo editors and art dealers, as well as the broad creative crowd of visual arts to engage in insightful dialogues with FotoFilmic about film photography in all aspects.

Fotofilmic was founded in 2012 by Bastien Desfriches Doria and Virginie Lamarche, and represents a global film-photography-only curation effort to showcase emerging and unknown photo talents attached to film worldwide. In the global context of digital technology FotoFilmic reflects a growing contemporary understanding of Film Photography as a distinctive fine art medium and practice of photography in itself.


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