Léa Habourdin « Cahier de Doléances » & « Book of Possibilities »
exp12 / exposure twelve, Greifswalder Straße 217, 10405 Berlin
Opening: March 7, 2014 at 7 pm
Exhibition: March 8 – April 6, 2014
Opening hours: Sat 4 – 8 pm / Sun 2 – 6 pm

Man is an animal that can turn toward his own helplessness. “ *

The French photographer Lea Habourdin presents with “ Cahier de Doléances “ and „Book of Possibilities “ two of her works in the gallery exp12. Her work is about the tension between the instinctive, innate behavior of animals and humans‘ social behavior which is determined by the rules of rationality within our society. In her pictures, Lea Habourdin mixes the body, body details, and cuts or marks on the skin with representations of animals, which are often seen only in shadows or turned away; she collects, combines and associates. She cuts up photographs which become metaphors for physiological phenomena within the body; it comes to a state which sometimes appears unchecked, in which man is incapable of acting or drifts in an ambivalent state.

The work of Léa Habourdin was shown before in June 2012 as part of the projection The Flood Wall at exp12. For the first time, two series of Léa Habourdin will be shown in a solo exhibition: “ Cahier de Doléances “ ( „Complaint Book“ / “ Register of grievances “ ) & “ Book of Possibilities“.

The “ Cahier de Doléances “ was the list of wishes or complaints that were passed on to the king at the time of the “ Ancien Régime “ in France. With Léa Habourdin it can be understood as a book of complaints, punishments, memories or even a notebook.
Thoughts and images, drawings and photographs, contrasts and connections are collected in the second work, the „Book of Possibilities „, in form of a sketchbook . This book is an earlier work and is considered a necessary precursor to develop and deepen the later series “ Cahier de Doléances „. The two series are now for the first time presented in form of a photographic dialogue in the gallery exp12.

Léa Habourdin is a French artist who studied at the School of Photography in Arles (École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d‘ Arles / ENSP). Her work has been shown at festivals such as Les Boutographies in Montpellier, Voies – off in Arles, the Photo Phnom Penh Festival, the Lianzhou Photo Festival and the Kaunas Photo Festival (selection). The series “ Cahier de Doléances “ was awarded 1st prize at the Boutographies Photo Festival 2011. She won acclaim at the Bourse du Talent and the 1st Young Talented Photographer Prize from Express -Style.

* Giorgio Agamben – Sur ce que nous pouvons ne pas faire (about what we can not do) – Nudités- Payot Rivages 2009

Léa Habourdin
exp12 / exposure twelve

→  Vernissage/Opening

All images © Léa Habourdin

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