No restriction regarding age or nationality. Participants in the Prizes of the Festival Voies Off are: all amateur or professional photographers, artists, associations, collectives, groups, galleries, agencies, or schools… using photography as their medium. A commission will select the applications presenting originality and a personal approach. The works must be organized as a series showing a coherent thinking developed through a theme or a personal vision. The main selection criterion for the commission remains the presentation of a personal and creative vision.

Jury and Reward:
A jury of prominent professionals, a member of the SAIF and the artistic director of Voies Off Festival will choose the winner of the competitions among the selected candidates. The jury’s decision will be final and won’t be revised.
The 2015 Voies Off Prize is 2,500 euros.
The 2015 SAIF Discovery Award is 2,000 euros.
The portfolio rewarded by in 2015 will be publicated on line with a critical text.

Applications deadline: February 10, 2015. Extended deadline: March 15th!
Submit a single application and run for the following 3 awards:

Voies Off Awards
Since 1996

For the past 20 years, Voies Off has offered an alternative approach to emerging contemporary photography, its particularities, its evolutions, and its areas of resistance.

Voies Off night projections during the opening week of the Rencontres d’Arles festival (first full week in July) have become an international reference for the discovery of emerging authors and the alternative venue that it creates for international photographic creation.

Year after year, the selected themes have met the evolutions of our contemporary world with a critical eye. Over twenty different nationalities are represented at each festival. Every year around sixty candidates are selected for the programme of the night-projections.

Every July, the Voies Off prize is awarded by a jury of renowned professionals to an artist for the clarity of his/her vision and the high quality of his/her work.

The current amount of the prize is 2,500 euros.

SAIF discovery  prize
Since 2013

The SAIF is a French non-profit organization whose mission is to collect and distribute copyright fees for authors in the visual arts in France. It represents close to 6,000 authors in the visual arts including photography.The SAIF  sponsors creation, performing arts and the  artists training allocating 25 %  of its global  budget to projects that support those issues.

Among the participants to the Voies Off prize, the SAIF awards 2,000 euros  to an emerging talent in photography. Award
Since 2010

Committed, creative and attentive, is an online contemporary art magazine that go forth to restore art criticism to its rightful place. rewards an emerging talent among the selected candidates for the Voies Off Prize by publicating online them portfolio with a critical text.

Be part of the photographic alternative and participate in the 2015 Voies Off Prize.

For further details and the online application please visit the Voies Off website!

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