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Simon Rimaz | Unusual View of Unknown Subjects

Unusual View of Unknown Subjects, 2013

This series is a body of work based on press photographs that have been collected in various newspaper archives in the United States. All images that are published in the press are regularly gathered in these archives where they are marked, numbered and indexed by date or key words. The prints are full of peripheral elements that explain their existence and legitimacy.

From amongst all these marks, I have focused on the indications showing how the image was to be cropped for publication. These “stigmata” are proof of the use of the image and of its transformation. They take the shape of visual (sometimes textual) dialogues between the protagonists who have handled it. Parallel stories in themselves, these annotations are also indications of „that-which-has-been“, a notion that is so fundamental in the history of the photographic medium. (mehr …)

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slideshow and exhibition on books /
Slideshow und Ausstellung um das Fotobuch

Opening / Slide-Show & Live-Musik: 21. Juni 2013 um 22 Uhr
Musik von Roland und Julia, Gitarre und Violine
Galerie geöffnet ab 21.00 Uhr

Exhibition / Ausstellung: 22. Juni – 28. Juli 2013
Öffnungszeiten: Sa 16-20 Uhr  So 14-16 Uhr

exp12 Galerie
Berlin / Greifswalder Strasse 217 / 10405 Berlin (mehr …)