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Photographs Not Taken

Photographs Not Taken is a collection of photographers‘ essays about failed attempts to make a picture. Editor Will Steacy asked each photographer to abandon the conventional tools needed to make a photograph—camera, lens, film—and instead make a photograph using words, to capture the image (and its attendant memories) that never made it through the lens. …

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Greg Girard | In the Near Distance

Within Greg Girard’s amazing body of work we are especially fascinated by his early photographs, compiled under the name „In the Near Distance“.
The wonderful book (84 pp., Illustrated thoughout, 8×11) was published in 2010 by Kominek Books Berlin.

In the Near Distance 1973-86 is the document of Greg Girard’s early wanderings, the adolescent search for prospects and aims: nocturnal street sceneries, portraits of “sailors and friends”, images of creatures of the night and hotel rooms. In addition to black-and-white-materials Girard mainly used color slides during those years – and thus adds a new and important body of work to the color photography of the seventies. (mehr …)

Photobook Photography

ACMV Volume #1 | Sardegna

We don’t see things like a camera does.
We don’t care about a neutral grey.
We are aware of the impossibility of capturing cultures, things, persons or even minds. We don’t think this is working. Let’s stop thinking for a moment.
Let’s stop everything for a moment and taste rich cheese, black wine, bitter honey, soft rocks and green waters.
Oliver Schneider, Julia Schiller (mehr …)