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Der Greif | Exhibition »A Process«

»A Process«
Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Maximilianstr. 48, 86150 Augsburg
Opening: March 28th, 2014
On view from March 28th – May 18th

After the open call, Simon Karlstetter and Leon Kirchlechner from Der Greif had to tackle the task of selecting 279 photographs from 279 photographers from 33 countries to constitute the basis for the entire exhibition.

Congratulations to ACMV contributors Tim Bowditch, Yoshi Kametani, Birgit Krause, Pietro Motisi and Kate Nolan, who are taking part in »A Process«! (mehr …)

Exhibition Feature Photography Solo Exhibition

Pietro Motisi | Cemento

Cemento is a photographic project realized with the intention to build a map; it is a work about Sicily made as a path of sensations and perceptions with an eye on the relation between the space and the identity of its inhabitants.

The assumption of this project is to create, quoting the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri, a ‘zig-zag’ path in which nothing has to be precluded and in which the photographer has to follow his perceptions. That has to be made in order to find/create a track to follow inside a given space, no matter if it is physical or conceptual, and from that track let emerge some of the peculiar characteristics of the secular relationship that links humans to this territory. (mehr …)


disappear | leather handcrafts from Sicily

Whenever Pietro Motisi takes a short break from his photography projects, he is working on the most beautiful leather handcrafts. Under the brand name „disappear“ he offers a variety of gorgeous handmade leather goods such as laptop bags, notebook skins (e.g. Moleskine second skin), portfolios, pocket wallets, keychains – not to forget smart accessories for bicycles (handlebar leather grips, pocket frame bike bags etc.). (mehr …)

Exhibition Photography

Pietro Motisi | The Ebb Tide

Pietro Motisi’s The Ebb Tide“ will have a solo exhibition at the RizHoma.housegallery in Palermo.
The exhibition is curated by Martina Colajanni.
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Opening: January 12th 2012, 7 p.m.
Exhibition from January 12-27, 2012
RizHoma.housegallery | Piazza Marina 51, Palazzo Dagnino | Palermo / Italy
Monday – Friday | 4–7 p.m. or by appointment | tel. 3299298792

The Ebb Tide

“They are old ships behind the floodgates,
Lurking in the silt and mire;
Rust on their anchor, mud on their bows,
Their decks unpainted and their sails in rags:
They lean to one side as though arthritis
Had claimed their limbs, paralysed now
They’ve forgotten the sea except when the flood-gate
Lets a hint of the tide reach them. […]”

D. Gwenallt Jones – The Curches – 1959 (mehr …)

Feature Photography

Pietro Motisi | Manca Anima

Non avrei voluto essere d’altro che specchio
e di sponda restituire in superficie
tutto il fondo incolorire della luce
a chi su di me come da solo
rideva un proprio volto sconosciuto.
E invece ne trattengo dietro una macchia un colore
e a rispondere poi qualcosa di nuovo:
sono ancora incapace.

I wished I was made of nothing else than mirror glass
giving back off the cushion on the surface
all the deep encoloring of light
to the one smiling toward me as if alone
an unknown face of his own.
Instead I hold back a spot a colour
and to answer something new:
I am still unable.

Poem by Pietro’s friend Alfio Farbo (mehr …)