Pietro Motisi’s The Ebb Tide“ will have a solo exhibition at the RizHoma.housegallery in Palermo.
The exhibition is curated by Martina Colajanni.
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Opening: January 12th 2012, 7 p.m.
Exhibition from January 12-27, 2012
RizHoma.housegallery | Piazza Marina 51, Palazzo Dagnino | Palermo / Italy
Monday – Friday | 4–7 p.m. or by appointment | tel. 3299298792

The Ebb Tide

“They are old ships behind the floodgates,
Lurking in the silt and mire;
Rust on their anchor, mud on their bows,
Their decks unpainted and their sails in rags:
They lean to one side as though arthritis
Had claimed their limbs, paralysed now
They’ve forgotten the sea except when the flood-gate
Lets a hint of the tide reach them. […]”

D. Gwenallt Jones – The Curches – 1959

Since I moved to Newport the presence of fishing boats along the river Usk always caught my attention. This assignment gave me the opportunity to explore this reality then try to challenge my use of narrative. The exploration of a place like a boat club was challenging itself because of its nature. It is indeed a place where minimal activity occurs and the rhythm of things is quite and relaxed. No particular social issues are visible on the surface; the most significant aspect appears to be the tide. It is a very strong and spectacular event for its speed and its strength.

‘Little’ Jeff is one of the guys who has a boat in the club, his desire to spend time going out on his boat is challenged by an unlucky accident of his wife Deb who lost a leg few years ago.

From those ingredients starts the line of a story that is about possibilities and impossibilities, the thin line of life that is able, with its layers, to make you fly or going down in the deepness of the sea. The dimension of the poetry, of the dream, becomes something above the particular story and its characters, it gives to every observer the opportunity to put their personal feelings and bring in the own life experience to read the emotions suggested by the photographs. As Henry Cartier Bresson said: ‘The imaginary from truth’.


Press release:
In the UK, in the south Wales, there is the river Usk where the shore is a small fishing community lives. The river, the small boats put forward by more or less recent times and simple interior of homes and speak to us essential, so shrewd and quiet of those places and their people.
 The charm of a simple story, his way of interacting with us and his most intimate desire to communicate the mood of which is dyed. Even a married couple, for example, can become a point of departure as long as so many tell us something about themselves.

Pietro Motisi advances in his research in an attempt to be less descriptive as possible, giving himself carefully into small fragments of reality encountered along his journey.
The same people who find themselves in the series The Ebb Tide and point out that the physical presence in the places where the artist becomes a witness. Not a passive spectator, therefore, but a participant in party or unexpected events, as if to draw a character from a scholar immersed in a precise place of investigation. 
Placing it in the same way, the artist becomes so insatiable an investigator experience and certainty, not absolute, but limited to a territory. The strong relationships, introduced by Pietro with the locals, first establish the importance of human contact so much more to understand your partner. The latter, now the main subject, acquires such importance so as to become a valuable source from which to draw more information. The Ebb Tide is not only its literal meaning, but also what is meant deeper. The flow of existence, of the Lives, timeless tales from places that are not recognized or reported. Colors and settings complete the list of the essential tools to advance the understanding of the work of Pietro, to which the same concessional makes us spectators.
 From his impromptu shots, and those more reasoned, is declined any liability to the sensitivity of the moment. It is not known name of the characters because the artist’s research is not documentary, but is amplified by touching the metaphorical and poetic. Sometimes conceptual, always leaves a level of freedom in the interpretation, which can put on many meanings as there are individuals who are going to see them.
 Our feeling and the feeling of empathy with others generate collective and a constant presence in the present.
Of this chemistry is the work of Pietro Motisi feeds.

For more of Pietro Motisi’s work please visit his portfolio

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