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Happy World Photobook Day

Celebrating the first photobook, „born“ in 1843: Anna Atkins‚ beautiful „Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions (1843–53)„, Catalogued into the British Library 170 years ago today. For this occasion we’ve put together a couple of useful links & resources around photobooks below. For more photobook goodness look for #PhotoBookDay on Facebook & Twitter. You’re having a …

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piK Magazine

PiK is a limited edition magazine dedicated to promoting photographers worldwide.

Created in 2012, PiK constitutes a platform where the work of recognised Photographers and those of emerging talents converge. Each issue is part of a limited edition, 100 copies, so as to maintain a certain value within the object. To concentrate all the attention of the readers on the photographers, the magazine is independant and advert free. The magazine is available to purchase through the website as well as in a selection of galleries and bookstores. Each photographer will also have the possibility to exhibit images from their series, printed and framed. Each time this opportunity becomes available, Pik will create this type of event to further push the promotion of the photographers. (mehr …)