I don’t even like cars especially, but I can relate to these two photographic projekts about them. The first one is a series „Vector Portraits“ (1989-1997) by Andrew Bush, who took shots of people driving in their cars by 50 to 75 mph around Los Angeles. Maybe the relation of the owners to their vehicles is so catching.

Photograph above © Andrew Bush, „66 Drives“

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The second project is the book „Desperate Cars“ by Sebastien Girard that collects pictures by „exhausted, abandoned, wounded“ cars he found in his home town Toulouse in France. Whimsical, sad, cute, broken and barely fixed cars almost begging the viewer to clean or repair them. His work can be seen at this year’s International Photobook Festival in Kassel from June 1-5th at Documenta-Halle.

© Sébastien Girard | Desperate Cars
© Sébastien Girard | Desperate Cars

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