Photographer Chris McCaw uses a huge self built 20×24″ camera to actually burn the sun`s path into vintage photographic paper. He starts before sunrise, takes off the cap of his old, radioactive lens that was used in the 60ties for military aerial purposes and leaves the camera open for a few hours. The surface of the old paper gets burned and turns negative (solarization) because it consists of a higher percentage of silver than new materials.

Photograph above © Chris McCaw


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Chris McCaw’s camera:

Hans-Christian Schink’s approach is very similiar, but is more conceptual by limiting the exposure time to 1 hour. His motivation is to show a part of our reality that is not visible for our eyes and can only be shown by a photographic image.

Additional information:
Fugitive Vision | Hans-Christian Schink in re Chris McCaw

Sharon Harper uses high tech equipment to produce „a subjective experience of landscape… unseen and unattainable without it via camera optics, high-speed trains and nighttime digital vision“, as stated on her website.


Interesting article from „Brand eins“ magazine about how to survive as an artististic photographer with an → interview with Hans-Christian Schink (In german only, sorry)

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