„Frail“ (2010 – 2011)

‘Frail’ is about those everyday moments when everything collapses. Small instants where our life changes, spins and breaks. Suspended moments in which something has just happened or is about to. Situations in which time, objects and places lose their physical nature and are full of us. Tiny fragments of life which, when put together, redefine our idea of control of ourselves and the world around us. We are vulnerable in the everyday.

Alberto Lizaralde is a photographer from Spain. He currently lives in Madrid and combines his work as creative supervisor at an advertising agency as well as teaching at BlankPaper School with his projects in documentary photography.
He talks about his way of taking pictures in these interviews:
Interview by Andrew McCloskeyon: English – Español
Interview by Rafal Milach: English – Español

For more of his beautiful work please have a look at his photography portfolio

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