„These images are a selection of work from 2009 – 2011. My photography and photomontage pieces come from personal exploration and childhood superstitions documented from behind closed doors. I shoot within the familiar walls of home and surroundings working often in the tightest corners or crouched low to the floorboards.

I want to communicate with my own ghosts, to produce and document a voice that others might recognize.

While I work predominantly within the digital medium, visually I am influenced heavily by the early Surrealist and Bauhaus movements of the 20th century and I try to infuse my work with the tactile and delicate tangibility of storybook pages.“

Annie Stephens is a self-taught photographer and photomontage artist living and creating from her home in Montreal, Canada. Among other credits, Annie was published in the 25th Anniversary edition of SHOTS magazine, and in February of 2011 a selection of her work was exhibited in the group show Breathe. Dream. Fly. at the Visual Voice Galleryin Montreal.

For more of Annie’s work please visit her portfolio

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