“I think my photography is a game, or a role play, somewhere placed between arts and reality – with an artwork that ideally lures the viewer into a realm of untold stories. And what the viewer might discover by entering this realm, is a little bit about people and their relationships to each other, a little bit about arts and perception, a little bit about the world and how we see the world – but foremost I hope that the viewer learns a lot about himself.”

Jürgen Bürgin was born in Lörrach in Germany in 1971. He was studying German literature, linguistics and economy in Freiburg and received a degree at the Albert-Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg in 1998.  He began to work for movie business in Berlin in 1999 as public relations manager for a film PR agency and has since participated in the PR for numerous movie releases in Germany such as Valkyrie, Avatar, Solaris, Water for Elephants and lots more. In 2009 he started to develop his passion as an urban street photographer, since then shooting in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, London and New York. In 2011 he was shortlisted for a Sony World Photography Award in the category After Dark.

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