Farbwerte – Das Projektbüro für schwarz-rot-goldene Angelegenheiten fordert seit 2009 weltweit Designer und Künstler auf, sich inhaltlich und gestalterisch mit der schwarz-rot-goldenen Flagge auseinanderzusetzen. Das Projekt ist fortlaufend. Interessierte Fotografen können sich jederzeit bei Initiator Robert Eysoldt melden: http://www.farbwerte.com/kontakt/


A country’s flag has the ability to invoke a disparate set of sentiments: from pride to nostalgia, nationalism to racism among others. Whether being hoisted up a pole, adorning the clothes and faces of sports enthusiasts or being set alight by racial extremists, a nation’s flag is a powerful, yet polarizing symbol.

The ongoing project Farbwerte – SchwarzRotGold (Color Values – BlackRedGold) is concerned with questions surrounding German identity and its respective forms of public display. Therefore international designers and artists are given the task of incorporating the German flag into their artwork, using this public object as a medium to illustrate a personal story or point of view. In addition Robert Eysoldt and photographer Frank Roesner contribute large format portraits of people from various areas of the society.

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