May 11 – June 23 2012
Pavlov’s Dog, Berlin

„I spy with my little eye something that you cannot hear“

Press release Pavlov’s Dog:
Precision, accuracy and the exact preliminary planning of his scientifically set-up compositions are what make Martin Klimas’ image series so unique and impressive. With his way of working Klimas constantly wanders between art and science. His role models are scientist and explorers such as Harolf E. Edgerton, a pioneer of high-speed photography. The inspiration for his latest series came from natural scientist Hans Jenny and his work on Cymatics.

An ordinary loudspeaker with a funnel shaped membrane covered with a pre-stretched canvas: Martin Klimas puts the colours onto the canvas, and then he withdraws from the set-up. Putting the music on maximum volume Klimas leaves the creation of the picture to the sound itself. His latest series „Sonic Sculptures“ is a synaesthetical combination of sound, form and colour. But Klimas does not stop at the mere associative depiction of sound and has built a machine that converts sound waves into pictures.

In his choice of music he does not limit himself to certain styles or periods and uses pieces such as „Transitor“ by Kraftwerk as well as Carl Orff´s „Carmina Burana“. By using liquid colours for his visualisations Klimas has chosen a material that is easily seen by the viewer. Klimas most famous series are pictures of porcelain figures photographed in the moment that they were dropped from a height of three metres with a high-speed camera. The results are razor-sharp images of disturbing beauty and the destroyed figures become temporary statuettes just like the liquid paint turns into colourful sonic sculptures.

photograph © Martin Klimas, from his series ‚Sonic Sculptures‘, „Miles Davis / Bitches Brew“

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