Film series accompanying the current Larry Clark Exhibition at C/O Berlin.
12 June 2012 . 8 pm . Ambiguous Longing

I didn’t know that I loved you (Sharon Hayes, 2009, 10′)
This collaborative performance piece examines expressions of gender and political desires and their relations towards the emancipatory possibilities of public speech in the social context of enforced heteronormativity and political repression.

Wednesdays (Deniz Buga, 2009, 10′)
On Wednesdays, the soldier leaves the barracks and visits the apartment of the Buddhist man in the city. While making love, they talk about their beliefs and dreams.

Mala Noche (Gus Van Sant, 1986, 78′)
Walt, the gay manager of a seedy liquor store in Portland, Oregon has fallen desperately in love with Johnny, a teenage illegal Mexican immigrant who doesn’t speak English.

Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking Peter (Wayne Yung, 1994, 4’31″)
A queer love letter using poetry and sexual imagery to describe the romantic tensions caused by differences in age, race, and HIV status.

Admission: €5

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