A one-day photoexhibition in the Gleimtunnel, Berlin
24th of November, 2012
From 5 – 8pm
Finissage at 8pm at Kugelbahn Wedding

Organised by Katja Klemm and Hannah Goldstein, KLEISTER brings photography and the public roam together by producing one day photo exhibitions.

All participating photographers will meet at a specific, very well chosen place and paste their image(s) directly on the wall with Tapetenkleister.
The idea is to meet, to talk, to get to know others – and all this in a public place. This is how the pictures become part of the street and are open for everyone passing by.
At the end of the day the Photographers can choose if they want to leave their image(s) or take them down.
In the evening there will be a finnisage with a slide show (showing the pictures of the day) in a bar near-by.

The first KLEISTER 2012 took place on the wall along the Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg in September 2012. This show was organized with the domino effect, which means 10 invited photographers invited 2 other photographers each and they invited two others again.

The second ‚Kleister’ – KLEISTER NORD – takes place in the Gleimtunnel between Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding on 24th November 2012.
This time all photographers from the first KLEISTER 2012 show and photographers who will exhibit with ‚Kleister’ for the first time are invited to take part.
All participants are called to reflect in their exhibited photos on the theme ‚Berlin’ .

The 32 participating photographers for KLEISTER NORD are
Christine Bachmann | Frank Bartsch | Eva Brunner | Lia Darjes | Christoph David Drange | Torben Geeck | April Gertler | Hannah Goldstein | Jan von Holleben | Philipp Jester | Katja Klemm | Sebastian Laraia | Mareike Lauken | Soliman Lawrence | Christian Lewandrowski | Henrik Malmström | Jan Michalko | Florian Oellers | Yvi Philipp | Corinna Sauer | Julia Schiller | Anne Schwalbe | Andre Simonow | Parker Tilghman | Dagmar Tränkle | Christian Reister | Nadja Ritter | Gilles Roudière | Stefanie Rumpler | Constanze Vielgosz | Frido Welti | Jan Zappner

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