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Since 4 years the independent photography magazine has been offering a platform for photographs that really mean something. People from all over the world submit their favorite pictures and tell the stories that lie behind them. romka is a collective photo album in which both amateurs and professionals archive their memories. The readers are encouraged to submit their own favorite photographs to participate in the ongoing project.

Issue 7 collects the most treasured pictures of 58 photographers from 21 countries, ranging from Japan to Belgium and Argentina. No difference is made between amateur hobbyists and renowned photo artists. The Ukrainian journalist Maria Kazvan shares the center stage with the acclaimed documentary photographer Alec Soth; the South-African artist Roger Ballen gets the same amount of attention as the theology student Ryan Becker.

romka is the only magazine to show photography from this point of view. Daily updates on fashion, visual avant-garde and extreme experiences can be found elsewhere. romka is slow, down-to-earth and unpretentious, it doesn’t intend to push boundaries. The magazine started out as an online project and changed its medium in 2010, and the print edition is now released annually.

The publisher and editor Joscha Bruckert founded romka while studying photography in Dortmund, Germany. In 2011, Joscha moved to Leipzig where he has been living and working ever since. His roommate is the graphic designer Benedikt Bock who has been designing the magazine since issue 6.

romka magazine #7
print run 1,500
112 pages
18.2 x 22.5cm

Available in the online shop
on www.romkamagazine.com
and in selected shops.

ISSN 2192 – 9173
EUR 11,50 (D)

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