pho[to-Be]rlin is a new photographic project based on the city of Berlin.
The project consists both of a series of in-depth workshops on a number of issues related to the city and of open lectures held by award-winning international photo-reporters, the output will contribute to an on-going contemporary documentation of Berlin and its stories.
This is why the name chosen is pho[to-Be]rlin: [to Be]is in brackets to underline that the people who attend the workshops have to focus, find stories and photograph in the city.

Ten photographers in front of a sole subject will produce ten different images, because if it’s true that photography reproduce reality, it is revealed depending of the eye of the observer”
Gisele Freund

Upcoming pho[to-Be]rlin open lectures & workshops:

For further details and on how to submit your participation for a workshop, please visit

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