August 23rd – September 1st, 2013

Copenhagen is the art capital of Scandinavia, and the city’s lively art scene is rightly the focus of international attention. A brand new initiative – COPENHAGEN ART WEEK – dedicates 10 days at the end of August to a celebration of art, putting Copenhagen firmly on the international map as a capital for the visual arts.

The late summer has always been a special time for art in Copenhagen. This is when the Danish art fairs offer intense experiences, and when museums, art centres and galleries mark the opening of the new exhibition season. All of these activities are now gathered under COPENHAGEN ART WEEK. The art magazine KUNSTEN.NU is behind the new collaboration between art spaces from in and around Copenhagen.

A Joint Programme and Guided Tours

As well as producing a collated printed and web programme of all the week’s art events,
COPENHAGEN ART WEEK will offer guided tours taking the audience to exhibitions in
Copenhagen’s different neighbourhoods, as well as theme tours so both art novices and art
buffs have the chance to experience art from new and surprising perspectives.

From Friday August 23rd the extensive programme of COPENHAGEN ART WEEK will give the Copenhageners and the city’s many visitors a wealth of opportunities to explore the many exciting exhibitions at the art museums, art centres and art galleries in and around the capital.
The week culminates on Friday August 30th, when the three art fairs Chart Art Fair, Art
Copenhagen and Alt_Cph open for a packed weekend.

New Impressions and a Boost for the Art Scene

With years of professional experience, KUNSTEN.NU’s mission has always been to
communicate the visual arts to a broad audience, and it is this expertise in the art scene and its audience that provide the basis for COPENHAGEN ART WEEK. Jan Falk Borup, editorinchief of KUNSTEN.NU, says of the new initiative:

We hope that the audience will be inspired to explore and experience new art spaces. But it’s equally important for us that the region’s many art professionals feel the positive effects of embarking on a joint effort to strengthen the position of the region as an art capital.”

Selected exhibitions

For the full programme please visit the Copenhagen Art Week website or view the PDF on issuu.

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