Sirius Arts Centre in Partnership with Camden Palace Hotel present a three-day masterclass with Polish photographer, Rafał Milach & Book/Print Designer, Ania Nalecka

Saturday 19, Sunday 20 October and Monday 21 October 2013 in Cork City, Ireland

Final deadline to submit to the masterclass is 13 September 2013 by midnight

Sirius Arts Centre is funded by the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Éalaíonn


This three-day intensive workshop will investigate the development of photographic projects into photobooks. In this time of image saturation, the photobook has stopped being merely a tool to display photographs and has grown into a popular medium for deeper studies into photographic subjects and storytelling.  With the advent of print on demand books and an explosion of interest in photobooks, the medium has evolved and become the final presentation form for many photographic projects, beyond the more traditional exhibition and portfolio presentation.

During this two-day masterclass, Rafał and Ania will discuss and explain the process of making photobooks, drawing from their combined experience as photographer and designer.

Ania will look at making and design of the physical object – considering both theoretical and practical aspects of book development; from organizing the message and meaning of the photographic project, to the design itself – many different methods of production will be discussed along with critical aspects of the process.

Rafał will give an overview of how a photographer today must be a self-sufficient enterprise not only in terms of creativity, but also in managing the creative process from the inception of a photographic idea, through to editing to final presentation. He will speak on how to work with ideas, research them, gather information and finally, to produce and promote this final outcome (be it a book, or exhibition).  He will include a focus on the dynamic development of the photobook sector in recent years, looking at how self-publishing has made it possible for photographers to author their own books or zines.  Sequencing and editing a final project to create a powerful narrative for publication will also be discussed.

Skill level:  This workshop is designed for advanced or semi-advanced photographers with a body of work they would like to develop into a photobook.  Participants will be asked to present a completed project of prints (20 – 40) and/or a dummy of the book they are considering for development. Analyzing and discussing the ideas behind your work will be part of the masterclass.
The masterclass will be divided into 2 groups and each group will have equal time with Ania and Rafal – projects will be critiqued and discussed within the group with the guidance of the instructors.  A sample of each day follows:

First two days will run in 2 segments: 10am – 5pm (lunch from 1 – 2pm)
Monday will be a shorter day running from: 10am – 3pm (lunch from 12 -1pm)

Saturday evening will include a group dinner to share ideas and talk about and share participant’s projects.

Rafał will discuss the following topics:

  • Overview of Rafał’s practice as photographer and book maker
  • Working on a long-term photo project
  • Gathering information
  • Starting the project/ideas and concepts
  • Budgeting for your project
  • Editing and sequencing
  • Working on a book and exhibition, promoting and giving proper exposure to the project and budget considerations
  • Review of Participant’s work with a special focus on editing and sequencing/discussing the ideas behind photographic projects and possible avenues for future development

 Ania will focus on the following aspects of book design

  • Overview of Ania’s practice as a graphic and book designer.
  • Open discussion and critique of participants projects.
  • Lecture on Book Design, Process and production.
  • Discussion on budgets and their effect on design of a final book.
  • Questions and answers session on design and issues around distribution of photobooks.

In each group a section of the time will be taken to look at participant’s individual projects and discuss editing/concept/idea development together as a group/problem solving.

(Successful Applicants must make themselves available for all 3 days of the workshops – there are no refunds for days missed!)


Number of participants: 10 – 15 per group

Level of expertise & equipment needed:
Class participants should have a project they are considering for further development into a photobook or exhibition or both.  The project should be completed or nearly completed set of images (20 – 40) of one specific story or idea. Rafal and Ania are interested to see both book dummies in process and/or series of prints of the work.

Application Procedure
Applications will be accepted immediately
Final deadline to submit to the masterclass is 13 September 2013 by midnight.
Places are limited so please register early!

Applicants must fill out and submit the application form and include 10 – 20 images as samples of their work.


Digital images must be sized to 1200 pixels at their longest, saved as jpg format.

A book dummy must be submitted in a PDF format (if submitting a PDF book dummy, be prepared to bring a set of images with you to the masterclass in order to discuss sequencing and editing).

Identification of works: Single image files must be titled with the photographer’s surname and a sequential image number (for example: yoursurname_01.jpg). PDF’s must be labeled with photographer’s last name and title. Material will be submitted by e-mail at: no later than Friday 13 September 2013 at midnight!

Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail no later than Friday 20 September.

Once your place in the workshop is confirmed you will need to pay by no later than Thursday 3 October – payment instructions will be given to you upon acceptance to the workshop.

Tuition Fee
Tuition to this workshop is €275 and covers:
– Instruction by Ania Nalecka and Rafał Milach;
– Snack, coffee, tea and water during the classroom days of workshop; One group evening meal on Saturday night.

Travel & Accommodation
Tuition fee does not include: transportation to Cork, accommodation or full meals aside from the one group meal included.

More Information
..can be found on the Sirius Arts Centre Website.
For further information, please contact by email: cobharts(at)


Is an award winning photographer and bookmaker based in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland and Institute for Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic where he currently lectures. For more than 10 years he has been working on issues on transition in Russian speaking countries and Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. This work resulted with the monographs “7 Rooms” (Kehrer 2011) and “Black Sea of Concrete” (self-published 2013). In 2012 Czytelnia Sztuki Gallery published the book “In the Car with R” the record of Rafał’s travel with writer Huldar Breidfjord around Iceland.
Rafał has been exhibited at C/O Berlin, Zacheta National Gallery of Art and MoCA Shanghai. In 2007 Rafał took part in World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass, he has also received grants from Magnum Foundation, the Polish Ministry of Culture and European Cultural Foundation. His books and photos have won awards internationally from: World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, Magnum Expression Awards, Photography Book Now and New York Photo Festival. His works are included in the collections of Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Japan, Gliwice Museum and CO Berlin.

In 2006 together with 10 other Central Eastern European photographers, Rafał created the photographic collective, Sputnik Photos, to document, promote and spread information on transition issues in ECC Countries. Rafał has also curated book projects: “Private Property” (IKW 2012), “Rough Cut” (IKW 2011), “25/25” and “Don’t mess with Texas” (2011) within Photomonth in Krakow, Poland.

For more information on Rafał Milach visit:


Is a book designer based in Warsaw Poland and an associate member of Sputnik Photographic Collective.  Ania graduated in Print Making and Graphic Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland and the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland. She works as Senior Art Director and Head of Design for G7 (Leo Burnett Group) and Lowe GGK Warsaw. Ania also guest lectures at the Lodz Polish Film School (PWSFTviT), for Sputnik Photos Mentor Programme, The Academy of Photography in Warsaw and The Warsaw School of Photography.

A celebrated photographic book designer Ania has received awards from: Photo-eye for Best Books of  2012 (Sputnik Photos selection, USA), The Curated Bookshelf in Foam Museum, (Sputnik Photos selection, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and together with Rafał Milach for the Sputnik Photos exhibition „Stand BY“ A box set of photobooks designed by Ania awarded with: POYi (USA 2011) ParisPhoto / Aperture Foundation Photobook Award (USA/France 2012), Photomonth in Bratislava (Slovakia 2012), The New York Photofestival (USA 2011), Photography Book Now (USA 2009 and 2011),  Art Books Wanted International Award (Czech Republic 2013) and Publication of the Year (Poland 2013).

A partial list of photobooks  Ania Naleka has designed include: In the Car with R, Black Sea of Concrete, 7 Rooms (Rafał Milach), IS(not), At the Border, STAND BY, Distant Place (Sputnik), BRUTAL (Michal Luczak), America Dream (Agnieszka Rayss), The Love Book (Slawomir Rumiak), Karczeby (Adam Panczuk) and Promising Waters ( Mila Teshaieva) and The Irreversible (Maciek Nabrdalik).

For more information on Ania Nalecka’s work visit:


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