ACMV Contributors Louis Porter and Wouter Van de Voorde are featured in the new Sydney based online-magazine ‚Try Hard‚ – with an interview and Wouter’s new series ‘New Normal’.

ACMV previously featured both of them in the Projection Programme “Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography” at Belfast Photo Festival 2013, which can be viewed here.

Featured artists in Try Hard Issue #01 are Christopher Stewart, Louis Porter, Simone Rosenbauer, Wouter Van de Voorde, Sara Oscar, Nicholas Shearer and Lauren Commens.

Try Hard Magazine is an online publication with content that is focused on Australian photography. It is dedicated to showcasing the work of both Australian photographers and international photographers living and working in Australia.

Try Hard Magazine also aims to encourage writers and academics to contribute original written content in the form of interviews, essays and book reviews that act to further the dialogue on Australian photography.

Try Hard Magazine is founded and directed by photographers Benjamin Chadbond and Patrick Mason.

More of Louis‘ and Wouter’s work can be found on
Louis Porter
Wouter Van de Voorde

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