Exhibition: 20.02. – 05.04.2014
Michael Hoppen Gallery
3 Jubilee Place, London, SW3 3TD

It is difficult to summarise Sarah Moon’s fantastical photography – almost thirty years of image making has made Sarah Moon a legend in her own lifetime. Well known for her personalised commercial and editorial work since the early 1970s, Moon has continued to investigate a dream world of her own invention, without repetition or compromise. For more than thirty-five years, Moon’s heart-stopping fashion images have bucked every so-called commercial trend, from the need to establish eye contact – it is only rarely there – to the belief that the most alluring fashion photograph must be glossy, even hyper-real.

About Colour’ brings together new, old and unseen works, photographed exclusively in colour.

I think of colour as more of a common language. More generous, more open, not transposed, the language of the real. When I shoot flowers or any still life, or fashion, colour forces me to be more abstract, I have to make the effort to transpose it, in order to get closer to what it was that first impressed me’
‘For me, black and white is closer to introspection, to memories, to loneliness and loss, I don’t see the same in colour – it’s another language, a living language.” —Sarah Moon 2008

‘About Colour’ follows Moon’s major 2013 exhibition ‘Alchimies’ at the Muséum National D’Histoire Naturelle, Paris. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Japan and the United States and in 2008 she was awarded the Prix Nadar award for her book ‘12345’.
Press Release/Michael Hoppen Gallery

All images © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery
Title image: Fashion 5, Gaultier, 1998 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery
Gallery images:

  1. Sveta pour Hussein Chalayan, 2000
  2. Pour 10 magasine, 2007
  3. Fashion 3, Chanel, 1997
  4. La piscine, 2010
  5. Fashion 7, Stockings, 1997
  6. Les tulipes, 2003
  7. Fashion 11, Yoji Yamamoto, 1996
  8. Fashion 5, Gaultier, 1998
  9. La Robe Rouge, 2010



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