Meredith Birrell (painting) | Heather Egan (painting) | Steffan Ianigro (video, sound and performance) | Kate Nixon (glass) | Sophia Nuske (ceramics) | Julia Schiller (photography)

Opening: Thursday 12th June 2014 from 6 – 8pm
Exhibition: June 12 – July 6, 2014
Home@735 Gallery, Sydney
735 Bourke Street Redfern 9310 7606
Gallery hours Thurs 4 – 7pm Sat 4 – 7pm & Sun 2 – 5pm

Meredith Birrell

My practice revolves around notions of identity, memory and nostalgia. Filtered through the medium of the family photograph, my work seeks to create narratives of self that speak beyond the personal. The photograph, as relic, asserts its historical truth yet always remains partial and ambiguous. It conveys both both pleasure and pain – the certainty of what once existed is tainted by the knowledge that it is forever lost.
My process makes explicit this duality. Through various means of erasure or obfuscation, I show the impossibility of ever reaching the past while also bringing attention to the surface of the picture plane, countering any illusion of pictorial depth. By overtly referencing the relationship of photography and painting, my work engages in the ongoing dialogue about the nature of images and the stories of selfhood that we all share.

Heather Egan

My work is about experimenting with the fluid mark.
Experimenting with the medium of ink has enabled me to explore colour, flow, control and chance.
Painting with coloured inks, it is possible to work quickly and spontaneously. This rapid, fluid method enables me to work intuitively. Abstract forms develop and may resemble animals, anatomy and the landscape. Attending Chinese brush painting classes in 2012, spontaneous painting on rice paper required skill in controlling the speed, moisture and tone of ink.
Since then, working on Yupo paper, I have continued to explore the use of ink, endeavouring to have some control but not to negate the freedom and energy that comes with random and chance marks.

Steffan Ianigro

Steffan Ianigro is currently in the Honours year of Bachelor of Music in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Steffan has a strong interest in ‚DIY‘ aesthetics, often in combination with generative performance to create and expand upon interesting sound sources. Steffan has performed in a variety of events, such as a performance as part of Ensemble Offspring’s ‘The Listening Museum’; a collaboration with the ‘Ampere Quartet’ as part of the ‚New Wave‘ program for ‚Vivid 2013;‘ a performance in the ‘Tin Shed Spots’ series supporting German artist Schneider TM, a performance in ‘The Silent Hour’ series supporting Japanese artist Marihiko Hara, and a performance in Pretty Gritty #6. Steffan is also the current Music Director at 107 projects.

Kate Nixon

My work explores how our private identities are expressed through the things we collect and the material mass we will eventually leave behind. I am interested in the value and function of collected objects and the narrative that is formed through the creative activity of assembling a collection. By exploiting the transformative properties of glass, cheap knick-knacks, 1970s wallpaper and gaudy flowers morph into precious decorations, adorning funerary urns and large sparkling mosaics. Notions of value, taste and kitsch are unavoidably raised. Simultaneously playful and sombre, the viewer is invited to enjoy the objects while also considering the relevance of legacy and the inevitability of loss.

Sophia Nuske

Through my work I explore the language of everyday objects.
I model ceramic replicas of common manmade objects, subverting their inherent language through mimicry, wordplay and humour to refocus our attention. Semiotic theories of the structure of language and how we process information lead to an interest in slips of communication; particularly when words have more than one meaning resulting in humorous juxtapositions of ideas.
I invite the viewer to renegotiate these often overlooked objects; to reconsider their function, what ideas they encompass, what they mean for each of us, and ultimately how we engage with them.

Julia Schiller

Julia Schiller was born in 1980 and is a photographer and freelance art director based in Berlin, Germany. In her work she explores notions of silence and chaos, coincidence, freedom, choice and echoes thereof – questioning fragile human idiosyncrasies and variables such as alienation and intimacy, rationality and instinct.
Her photographic work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and featured in a range of online publications. Her design work has received international awards.
Together with Oliver Schneider she is the founding editor of „Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV}“ – an online magazine for contemporary photography and the founder of „Local Colors May Vary (LCMV)“ –  a series of curated, themed slideshows combining contemporary photography with live music by international artists.

Home@745 Art Gallery

Home@735 is an art gallery located in a terrace house in Sydney’s Redfern East, curated by Madeleine Preston and Anthony Bautovich. The gallery’s aim is to promote artwork in a domestic context. Home@735 exhibits paintings, photography, prints, sound and video art, sculpture, ceramic and glass art.
The combination of the scale and nature of the venue bridges the gap between audience and artist. We provide artists with exposure and the public with a comfortable, less intimidating environment to view artists‘ work.

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