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2014 July 7-12
(opening week of Les Rencontres d’Arles)
La Muléta, 2 rue de la paix 13200 Arles

Opens Everyday Noon–8pm
Curated by Olivier Cablat & Sebastian Hau

Galerie 2600 is a Laboratory of Expression for «emerging» Practices in Visual Arts, Photography, Digital Creation and Publishing. For the sixth consecutive year the Galerie 2600 organizes in Arles, in a same space, a meeting between actors from the world of contemporary photography: Publishers, Artists, Galerists, Curators…

In 2014, the event will be called Cosmos and will take place in a Bull Cultur Club: La Muleta (founded in 1906). Cosmos continue the story of Supermarkt (2009), Hypermarkt (2010-2012) and The CLUB (2013).

From July 7th to 12th 2014, Cosmos will host a selection of international Publishers and Book Sellers, Popups and Print Events, Projects Presentations, a Ping-pong Tournament and an exhibition: «Poles & Bulls».

Poles & Bulls

Poles & Bulls is a photographic and video participative event, curated by Olivier Cablat & Sebastian Hau for Cosmos.
The pole is a recurring element of art history and photographic practices which has been slightly overlooked so far. The bull is a totemic and symbolic animal used by many cultural groups in Arles. The event was a big success. Hundreds of contributors made nearly 3000 historical and thematic propositions. The presentation of the project is planned at Cosmos in Arles – between July 7th and 12th 2014 – evolving to new experimental forms.

Publishers 2014

Akio Nagasawa Publishing (jp)
Archive of Modern Conflict Books (uk)
B-b-b-books (sw)
Cafe Lehmitz Photobooks (de)
Ca L’isdret (sp)
Colors Magazine (it)
Dalpine (sp)
éditions Lutanie (fr)
Musée De L’élysée (ch)
Festival Images Vevey (ch)
Foam Magazine (nl)
Fotobook Festival Kassel (de)
Fw Books (nl)
Gwinzegal (fr)
Ima Magazine (jp)
Mack (uk)
Mörel Books (uk)
Pierre Von Kleist (pt)
piK Magazine (fr)
Poursuite Editions (fr)
Rvb Books (fr)
Rorhof (it)
Stephanian (arm)
Temple Galerie (fr)
The Eyes Magazine (fr)
Théophile’s Papers (be)

Program 2014

Lundi 7 / Monday 7th:

  • 17h / Opening of Cosmos

Mardi 8 / Tuesday 8th:

  • 12-20h / Popup Stand – Festival Images Vevey (ch)
  • 17h / Book Launch – Rvb Books Contemporary Archaeology / Olivier Cablat

Mercredi 9 / Wednesday 9th:

  • 15h / Book Launch – Movimientos De Suelo Ca L’isdret
  • 16h / Popup Stand – Fotobookfestival Kassel
  • 17h / Live Printing Show – Catalog Potos & Toros
  • 19H / Book Launch – RVB Books feat. Erik Kessels – Thomas Mailaender – Laurence Aegerter – Ttiane Doan Na Champassak – Augustin Rebetez – Olivier Cablat

Jeudi 10 / Thursday 10th:

  • 14h / Popup Publisher – Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV}
  • 15h / Popup Publisher – Fire Season feat. Nicolas Giraud
  • 15h / Popup Publisher – Stephanian
  • 16h / Popup Publisher – Institute / Riverboomer
  • 18h / Popup Project – Photobook Museum Markus Schaden

Vendredi 11 / Friday 11th:

  • 12-20h / Popup Stand – Archive of Modern Conflict
  • 16h / Popup Publisher – B-b-b-books
  • 19-22h / Popup Cocktail MEET THE DUTCH – by Atelier Néerlandais & Foam & Erik Kessels & Unseen + Amc Music + «poles & Bulls» Slideshow

Samedi 12 / Saturday 12th:

  • 12-14h / Popup Publisher – Napoléon Press
  • 14h / Popup Stand – Prints Market – Poles & Bulls Contributors
  • 15h / Popup Publisher – Chose Commune Feat. Vasantha Yogananthan
  • 16-18h / Ping-pong Tournament

Dimanche 13 / Sunday 13th:

  • End of Cosmos


Festival Images Vevey / Cbc-group Xerox / Atelier Sunghee Lee / Le Bal / Filigranes éditions / Jupiler / La Muleta

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