The people in Qian’s Status inhabit a strange, almost dream-like existence. We catch fleeting glimpses of them as they move through the photograph – their Status unknown. Qian’s dream sequences reveal moments of quietness and reflection of lives lived.

Qian Yongning is a Chinese photographer based in Shanghai. He has exhibited widely across China and work features in collections across Europe, China and USA. Alongside his photography interests, Qian also lectures at Shanghai University.

About Aglu

Aglu provides a breathing space for new work and ideas. Swimming under the mainstream, it raises its head through our pocket photobooks and presents a range of new work that will hopefully take your breath away. Our philosophy is to provide high quality books and original photographs at affordable prices.

Aglu publishes photography and alongside the books, sells limited edition original prints from the books. Our books are distributed through a limited number of bookshops and can be viewed and purchased online at the BOOKS section of this website. The photographs are available through the PHOTOGRAPHS section of the website.


AGLU is delighted to announce the launch of three new books for the late summer. All are available through the website alongside sets of limited edition prints. Just click the ‚Preview Book‘ button to flick a book!


In Arizona Gold by Sam Launius, the city is a place of rigid grids to be travelled and explored. The process of travelling around and soaking up the colours, feel and distinctiveness of the city is part of the work and provides a rich overlay of battered, bruised and quirky streetscapes. Sam is based in Arizona and publishes his work for the first time.

In Light Years by Adam Geary, the journey through the city is an alltogether different experience. Seeking out quiet moments from the bustle, Geary is drawn to sharp, graphic juxtapositions, where all colour is shape and all shape is colour. Through his images, we are invited to explore the universal city, where distances travelled are measured by the light of the day.

In Murmur also by Adam Geary, the past is explored through fleeting shadows, remains of old posters and painted-out walls. Geary is drawn to the edge of the city and sea; places that are forever changing and seemingly always subject to the threat of ‚invasion‘. A sense that history has passed and left is mark is evident in the book and provides a small reminder of our own fragility.


Aglu aims to publish two new books every four months and is keen to hear from photographers/artists that feel their work could be adapted for the Aglu format. Aglu welcomes proposals for new books and submission details can be found at the CONTACT section.


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