SURF FICTION is Werner Amann’s unpublished work from 1997. It engages with social reality and image bound-culture in Los Angeles and other urban centers in the U.S. Beyond a mere documentary or created approach, SURF FICTION interlinks photography with collages, typography, video stills, abrupt breaks and double page spreads – switching with each page turn from one plot to another. The work plays with projections of a myth that regenerates itself from day to day, producing an image of Los Angeles and at the same time a visual reflection on modern reality.

„SURF FICTION is a bravely photographed and fiercely original visual essay, equally forthright and understated in effect, that codes and decodes styles and techniques and compounds them into a condensed statement.“ (Markus Frehrking)

„Once viewers have adjusted to the speed and flow of SURF FICTION the flood of photographic images will wash them through the book.“
(Thomas Seelig)

„Later in Los Angeles, the whole city is a living photograph through which I drive and occasionally stop to take a picture – unnecessarily, because here everyone and everything photographs itself all the time anyway.“
(Werner Amann, 1997)

Werner Amann – Surf Fiction
Published by White Press,
2014, 300 copies, signed and numbered, 82 pages, 45€
Video preview here.

Werner Amann and publisher Helge Schlaghecke proudly present
the book and a Special edition with 2 prints at:
Book Launch & Pink Champagne
at White Press stand at FOTOFEVER,
Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
Friday 14th November, from 6pm

Signing at Dirk K. Bakker’s
stand EE17 at PARIS PHOTO,
Grand Palais, Paris
Saturday 15th November, 1pm

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