It’s thirty-six degrees. A dry desert sun burns the roof.
From up here the vast empty ground seems endless.
The heat and the wind touch my skin.
I open a door,
the background noise of the city fades away.
With my eyes closed I see an ocean of weightless light rays –
dancing, floating…
I trust my body.
I’m here.

For several years I climbed numerous rooftops to make pictures, over and over again. For a long time I didn’t know exactly why; I simply felt attached to these strange, unknown and obscure places. I explored my city from a different angle and I photographed architectural situations up there being fascinated by the vastness and expanse as well as its limitation by moments of blocked sights. Eventually I realized that I had compiled a personal map – an imaginary walk in another dimension.
— Diane Vincent

Diane Vincent’s beautiful self-published book OBEN takes you on a very personal, meditative journey and quietly lifts you up to a parallel universe most of us are usually unaware of – the rooftops of Berlin. OBEN lets you breath in the fresh air… and out again, slowly. Your eyes start to wander, and so does your mind. You might have a hard time returning from up there. Hand-bound and made with lots of attention to each and every detail. Your bookshelf will treasure it. – Julia Schiller


Photography & Design: Diane Vincent
Editing: Paul Gaffney and Diane Vincent
Bookbinding: Nico Baumgarten and Diane Vincent
Self-published in October 2014

Edition size: 250, including an upcoming special edition of 21
Contains twenty-one photographs and one poem
Type of paper: Lessebo Design Rough 150g/m² and 90g/m²
Printing: digital
Number of pages: 48
Cover: Muskat 160g/m², printed offset
Size: 20,5cm x 28cm / 8,1 x 11 inch
Hand-bound with a special saddle stitch and finished with a hand-drawn map

The regular edition is now available to purchase at Diane’s website and selected bookstores at a price of 25 € plus shipping and packing expenses.

For those of you in Paris these days (so, basically everyone):
On Friday Nov 14th noon Diane will do a book signing session at Café Lehmitz Photobooks on the Polycopies boat together with Olaf Unverzart (⇢ Facebook Event). And there is two more booksellers which will present OBEN on their table: Johan Deumens Gallery at Offprint Projects and Claude Lemaire from L’Ascenseur Végétal at Le PhotobookFest.

ACMV already caught a glimpse at the upcoming special edition, and we can tell you it’s going to be beautiful as well – so watch out for its release!

About the artist

Diane Vincent loves to take pictures, make books and play ping pong. She lives in Berlin, Germany. Growing up in East Germany she attended a school specialized in music. Later Diane studied Philosophy and Cultural science in Berlin and Paris. A few years ago she devoted herself to Photography. Her focus areas are portraiture, urban landscapes and documentary. She also likes to get challenged by assignments.
In October 2014 Diane self-published her book OBEN. The book dummy was shortlisted for the Unseen Dummy Award 2014 in Amsterdam.

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All images/videos © Diane Vincent.

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