The talented Nico Baumgarten is currently running a crowdfunding-campaign to cover a part of the production costs for his new book. Until the 9th of March you can support the project on indiegogo!
How the other half lives“ will be self-published in an edition of 1.000 and will be released in April 2015.

There are beautiful rewards, such as some of Nico’s previously self-published, hand-bound books (of which only few copies remain), postcards & stickers, screen-printed Anarchist-cat T-shirts – and of course, signed copies of the new book itself!

We already got a chance to have a look at the dummy, and we are very fond of this book.
Check it out and please consider supporting this project!

The project

„How the other half lives“ is a photobook about stray cats. Through interviews with different stray cats we learn about their lives, about being down and out, segregated and discriminated. But we also read stories of real freedom and independence.

The black and white photographs (shot on Hasselblad 500 c/m) show the cats‘ environment: Courtyards, backstreets and abandoned buildings, all showing signs of decay. And then we see them: Strong personalities, full of dignity.

The book is a sometimes harsh commentary on modern day (cat-)society, representing a totally unbalanced view. It’s the stray cat’s vision of things, very different from what a domesticated cat would tell you.

* please be aware that all images show the handbound dummy and not the final book;

About Nico

Nico Baumgarten is a freelance photographer living in Berlin and mostly works on his own documentary (or half-way fiction) projects.

His works have been exhibited in cultural institutions, museums and festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Latvia, the Netherlands, China, Brazil and Venezuela.

They have also been exhibited on the streets and inside of a truck, never in a commercial gallery.

If you support him and his project, you support somebody who tries to keep his personal work as free as possible from any commercial compromises and as honest as possible to his own believes and convictions. „How the other half lives“ is one of these works.

Here you can see more of Nico’s work:
Learn more about his project on indiegogo

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