“If space is the field for memory, and if memory is the basis of our narrative self-invention, then we must live in some seam between inside and outside, some corridor between the place we make and the place that makes us.”
Richard Powers

Throughout the years I have become increasingly interested in my home of South Dakota and how the people and place shaped me and continue to influence me. Even though I appreciate many aspects of the Midwest and still long for its landscape, it represents the pinnacle of loneliness in my life.

My photography is a depiction of this loneliness. The landscapes of the Midwest are beautiful but empty, simple but overwhelming. My relationship to my home is based on love, but also thwarted by distance. Since moving from South Dakota, I continue to find solace but also conflict in the land around me. I now see many moments in my life as a way to document or construct a personal narrative of isolation, both representative of my past and indicative of my present.

Expanses can be comforting but also stifling. Distances can fuel love but also misunderstanding. The vast space of the land is something I can’t quite embrace, break free from, or understand, but it provides infinite inspiration for me.

Sarah Moore Biography:

I’m a photographer who was born and raised in South Dakota. In May of 2009, I received my BFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design.

I combine my love of landscapes with my passion to better understand myself and others to create photographs that are at once poetically beautiful and emotionally arresting. My interest in photographing South Dakota has evolved into a continuation of documenting my ideas of personal relationships and connections formed or neglected with people and landscapes.

In September of 2011, I set off on a six week road trip around the country to expand my photography portfolio. I’m now temporarily residing in Columbus, Ohio. Soon I hope to make a move westward.

Portfolio ☞ www.sarahkatherinemoore.com
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