Time with a cup of coffee it’s time to focus and clear your mind, to hunker down and get ready for the day. It is simultaneously a wonderful way to relax and to lose touch with reality for a moment, time to slow down and recharge, time for “Coffee flavour “.

The idea of “Coffee flavour” project (2009–current) was inspired by the film “Coffee and cigarettes” by Jim Jarmusch. Presented series are portraits of personalities rather than people themselves, personalities shown through human thoughts and the moments in which they were born, quiet moments of contemplation.

I am a Dublin based photographer and architect (Born in Poland in 1975). My life’s passion is for people and places so in turn I specialize in photographing urban landscapes its buildings and their inhabitants. My passion for all things human and architectural always draws me towards the inhabitants and the surrounding landscapes of the object being photographed. –Artur Sikora

Artur Sikora’s work was published several times and exhibited in Dublin and in London in 2011. He is the winner of international competition – ‘Black and White Photographer of the Year 2011’ in ‘Time’ category.
His entire personal work is film based as Artur is boundlessly devoted to analogue photography.
He admires endless possibilities and quality of handmade images.

For more of this series and Artur’s work please visit his website and blog:

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