Opening: Fri 19th October, 8:00pm
Camden Palace Hotel, Camden Quay, Cork, Ireland
Running: Sat 20th October – Fri 30th November 2012
Gallery hours: Monday – Friday 11am – 5pm / Saturday & Sunday hours TBD

Humans can be more connected today than ever before; information of all sorts can be delivered in the time it takes to email, text, tweet etc…  Likewise, the improved convenience of travel makes it possible to live in different places and experience the world more readily.  Yet, overshadowing this ginormous, instantaneous ‘social network’ of accessibility is an unspeakable sense of existential disconnection.

Curator, Peggy Sue Amison, has invited Irish and international photographers, artists who use photography in their practice, professionals embedded in the photographic art world and others to respond to this idea of connected/disconnection, using the post in an attempt to challenge the immediacy of “the now”.

Contributing artists include (in no particular order): Roger Ballen, Aaron Schumann, Danny Nicoletta, Clare Gallagher, Kai Olaf Hesse, April Gertler, Billy Quinn, Tiane Doan Na Champassak, Leticia Huckaby, Alessandra Capodacqua, Chris Rauchenberg, Mark Curran, Roy Arenella, Markéta Luskacova, Barry W. Hughes, Olivier Pin-Fat, Russell Joslin, Lydia Panas,  Paul Corcoran, Ditte Haarløv Johnson, Arja Hyytiäinen, Jenny Matthews, Charlie Jouvet, Alison Nordstrom, Monika Merva, Vivan Keulards, Gabriele Galimberti, C.T. Chew, Jane Fulton Alt, Karl Burke, Stéphane C, Eva Wollenberg, Harri Palviranta and more…

This exhibition is made possible with the generous support of Camden Palace Hotel, Camden Quay, Cork, Ireland.


post SCRIPT is part of THERE THERE – a photographic event in Cork City, curated by Stag & Deer and launching on October 18th  2012 at the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland.

THERE THERE will bring more than 30 international, national and local lens based artists under one banner. There will be six different exhibitions with different concerns sharing a common thematic framework, responses to otherness. Stag & Deer have secured an internationally recognised female photographer to anchor the event, Viviane Sassen.

Read more about THERE THERE here on ACMV – or visit their website:

Image credits:
#1: Billy Quinn „Good Morning MR. Courbet“
#2: Danny Nicoletta „Sissy Chapel 1998“
#3: Kai Olaf Hesse „Here/Nowhere“

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