Human Chassis is a Photographic study of the special isolation that links a driver to their vehicle, effecting a unique and introverted process of thought that could only occur in this private sanctuary.“

I originally wanted to make work on the subject after becoming bored of driving the same routes over and over and over again. I would find myself at a destination with little memory of the journey. I found that really intriguing (as well as terrifying from a road safety standpoint). There is something uniquely private and lonely about being in a car, I really wanted to photograph it.

I took on a Degree in Fine Art Photography in 2009 studying under Magnum Photographer Donovan Wylie as well as acclaimed war photographer Paul Seawright. I am interested in using photography to explore and document the changing structure and systems of middle class Britain and Ireland as they struggle against economic decline. My work blends documentary story telling with conceptual elements thrown in along the way. Originally inspired by the work of Philip Lorca Dicorcia and Jeff Wall, I have found myself more and more fascinated with the contemporary work of Alec Soth, particularly his Niagara project.

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