Pavlov’s Dog, Berlin
Opening: Friday, 25th of January, 7pm
Exhibition: 26th of January – 23rd of February 2013

Pavlov’s Dog Berlin is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of photographer Stéphane  C. in Germany, „Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuit“. Stéphane communicates immediate world issues from a photographic point of view based on the idea that,

reality is an ambivalent structure, a mental frontier between things, an undefined border separating concrete and elusive fields of materiality and the invisible.

He uses photography as a means to describe poetically, our soul’s inner struggle between contemplation and an untamed discontent. Before turning his focus to photography at the age of 27, Stéphane C. worked as a visual artistic director for a music company, music still remains a strong influence in his work and life.

Stéphane’s photographic work has remained focused on one project – an ongoing ‘research’ of his environment, his life and the people surrounding him, through which he seeks to lift the veil of uncertainty within human existence in an attempt to make sense of his lived experience.  For Stéphane, photography holds the key to revealing what lies beneath the fragmented and vague shadows of his vision/his reality. Stéphane works constantly and passionately to bring light to peripheral darkness and to mirror what he experiences instinctually.

Through traveling and living in different countries and cities (Madrid, New York, Toulouse, Lyon, and mostly Paris), Stéphane C. photographs continuously, setting up on a daily rhythm in order to capture as much as possible of the world – night and day, day and night. He recently completed a six-months stay in Greece, where he also initiated collaborative projects with video and music.

The exhibition at Pavlov’s dog will show a selection of Stéphane C.’s work from the past 10 years. All photographs are on Baryta silver paper, hand printed by Stéphane.
Stéphane C. (1976 – Lyon), has been exhibited / projected in several countries: France, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, USA, Russia, Belgium, Greece and was most recently published in Mono, ‘a collection of the most talented contemporary b&w photographers’ published by Gomma Books in the UK. He currently lives and works in Paris.

To see more of Stéphane’s work, please visit his website and FB page.

«TEMPS ZERO» Photo projections & concert night

Following the opening night, there will be a photography screening and concert night – «TEMPS ZERO» – taking place at Urban Spree Berlin (Revaler Str. 99) on Saturday, 26th January, 2013:

Projections by a selection of acclaimed photographers & new talents:
Anna Arendt + Jacob Aue Sobol + Frederico Azevedo + Jehsong Baak + Sergei Bykov + Gaël Bonnefon + Lorenzo Castore + Tiane Doan Na Champassak + Clara Chichin + Adam Cohen + Damien Daufresne + Gabrielle Duplantier + Thorsten Kirchhoff + Peer Kugler + Guido Gazzili + Rikard Laving + Massimo Nicolacci + German Peraire + Olivier Pin Fat + Alisa Resnik + Gilles Roudière + Yusuf Sevincli + Mirjam Siefert + Klavdij Sluban + Piotr Zbierski
+ Michael Ackerman full slideshow

…with OISEAUX-TEMPETE live concert + video projections
Oiseaux-Tempête are:
Frédéric D. Oberland /// guitar, organ, analog electronics, alto sax, voice /// FareWell Poetry, le Réveil des Tropiques, The Rustle of The Stars + solo projects
Stéphane Pigneul /// bass VI, analog electronics, voice /// Object, FareWell Poetry, Le Réveil des Tropiques, Ulan Bator
Ben Mc Connell /// drums, percussion /// Beach House, Rain Machine, Au Revoir Simone, Marissa Nadler
Stéphane C. /// video films
+ guests: Christoph Berg (violin) + Hior Chronik (minimal)

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